Hawk Watch!

Here’s an opportunity to see thousands of large raptors in a spectacular setting.  These birds are on their way to Central and South America for the winter and are catching the thermals and lining up before heading out. Its not unusual to see 200 to 300 hawks at one time and the highest single day count was over 5,200 birds!

You’re likely to not only see broad-winged hawks, but Bald Eagle, Osprey, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Cooper’s Hawk, Merlin, American Kestrel, Mississippi Kite, Turkey Vulture and Black Vulture.

From early September through late November of each year, members of the Greenville County Bird Club participate in a count of migrating hawks at Caesar’s Head State Park. The Hawk Watch is normally manned by volunteers.

For more information about the Caesar’s Head Hawk Watch program, please contact Tim Lee, Park Interpreter, at (864) 836-6115 or by e-mail. Grab some binoculars and head to Caesar’s Head State Park!